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Hi Everyone! Just wondering if anyone applied to University of Cincinnati's Online Nursing Program for Summer 2013? I applied for the FNP specialty about 5 weeks ago and am still waiting to hear... Read More

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    Also, Charlieblue, did your friend have any trouble obtaining preceptors? I have been reading a lot on here of difficulty due to facilities not having an agreement with U of C? Seems like if they have no current agreement they could just sign some paperwork if you have someone willing to precept? Do you know of any issues with this? Thank you. Tricia

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    Fortunately I work for a teaching hospital (rather small in comparison to most facilities). I've actually had a few friends go through an online NP program and they didn't have troubles in finding a preceptor around here except for OB. There are no womens health NPs that I know of around here and I think (just assuming) that docs might be worried about liability?? I'm wondering how responsive a facility like family planning would be, I don't think anyone I know has tried that here yet. But the family planning in our county is run by an NP so that's something I'm going to try. I also know of a county (from doing clinicals for my bachelors) that runs a rural women's clinic that I'm going to try. I too really worry about finding preceptors...eek
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    I thought of trying that also our Health Department is run by nurse practitioners. Good luck. I am getting more excited as it gets closer.....
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    We start clinicals in may of next year. So I will probably start looking for some around June of this year. I work at a children's hospital so hopefully I have some ins. I'm nervous about finding some too.
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    How was the first semester redvelvetloubie?
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    I have read to start looking early by others who have posted in discussion forums on this site. I have had people tell me they will precept but I know there is no agreement with U of C but seems they could just fill out paperwork. I bet it can't be that difficult. Can't wait to get started.
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    Hi everyone! Just wanted to jump on this thread - I'll be starting with you all next month! My call with Yaunee is next Wednesday April 10th. Has anyone had their appointment with their advisor yet?
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    I have not gotten a call yet but I sent in the dates/times I am available. I am getting more and more excited. Glad to have you on board ILOVEenrsg2. Are you planning to work while taking the classes as it seems most of us are? Good luck to you.
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    I received call by missed it. Going to call her back tomorrow. You all ordering all the books?? Getting closer, :/
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    I ordered my books yesterday. I really want to get a head start at it seems the patho is a bear. I can't wait No call as of yet.....

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