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  1. Hello all,

    I am thinking of applying to UF's Acute Care NP program. I'm getting a nervous as I look at there admission requirements as my GRE scores are less than stellar.
    Any current UF students care to share there admission stats or advice on getting in.
    Also, I've heard a little about students petitioning for admission if there GPA/GRE didn't quite meet the requirements. Anyone have any info about this?
    Appreciate anyone's input.

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  3. by   Elsii
    I'm currently in my 2nd year in UF's Acute Care DNP program. It's a great program. Honestly, GRE scores are not incredibly important for the program. As long as you accomplish at least a 500 on both sections, that's all the care about. I made a 530 on the English and a 570 on the Math. I know of people who have made lower. I also know of people in other UF nursing programs who scored below the 500 and were accepted to those programs.

    I would say the most important parts of admission would be the your admission letter (statement of goals). Make it interesting. Everyone puts the same thing, there looking for something special. I'm not sure if you're considering going all the way for the DNP (you can still opt out at the MSN level til like 2017) but you should say your are. They love their DNP program. They also love their PhD programs. I'm not saying you should lie, but you should make one of your goals a DNP. They also love people who want to teach and give back. So, consider those things in your letter. Mostly really bring out yourself, because I'm sure there is something interesting about you.

    Furthermore, I would actually go all the way for the DNP. Most people don't. In fact, I can't think of one other than myself who is going for it. You have to spend another year in the program but, they do give you scholarships... something none of my MSN classmates are getting. My scholarships pay for about 1/4 to 1/2 of tuition each semester, depending on the semester.

    Honestly, I think you'll have no problem getting in. The Acute Care program is still relatively small in comparison to the Family program, which can be very difficult to get into. The AC program grows a lot each year, but their very eager to keep expanding it.

    Good luck. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. by   Sweetie_Pooh
    Thanks for your reply! I appreciate your input. I am going to take your advice and pay close attention to my admissions letter.

    Honestly, I've been going back & forth with the MSN and DNP degree. I' just don't feel 100% about going the DNP route. But, who knows, after doing more research that may change. As for now, I'm focusing on getting my letters of recommendations and applications complete. This whole process is quite tedious but it's what I really want to do.

    Good luck to you in the program. =)

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  5. by   wishfuldnp
    How competitive would your GPA have to be? THe min is 3.0 but is that really good enough?
  6. by   Sippie
    Hi, I am also interested in University of FL. I am in the NE FL area so probably U of North FL would be much closer. I would also like to know about what would be a competitive GPA. I dread taking GRE since it has been so long since I had college algebra etc. I got the study cards to study for the verbal part. My gpa is pretty good not perfect lol. I am interested in DNP if I could get into it.

    One concern I have is that I got my BSN 16 yrs ago and I am really not sure I could track down old professors for an LOR. I also took time off nursing to stay home with my kids (youngest is autistic) and I took an RN refresher last year. So I am not sure if I would even be competitive for NP programs. At this point I am wondering if I should just go to a college and take some chemistry and physics to get LORs from those professors. Does anyone think that would work?
  7. by   RachelLee
    Did you apply and get in???