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Hello, I'll be starting my MSN Advanced Nurse Practitioner @ University of Cincinnati Distance Learning Program on January 2013 for the Spring Semester 2013. It would be great to know if anybody is currently enrolled in the... Read More

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    Hi, I was just accepted to the FNP for fall 2013, other than the acceptance email, have not heard anything. Have you?? Not sure who to contact or what the next steps are. Guess I really expect a little more information than a simple email.

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    there were some instructions in the email about who to contact and so forth. Perhaps you can contact your enrollment adviser and ask her what the next steps to take are. I already contacted mine and I am waiting for a response.
    I am Bolawa by the way in North Carolina. Where are you from?
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    How have you all liked UC so far? I know this is an older post. I applied to both UC and georgetown, though I don't think I really have a chance with georgetown. I applied for FNP for May 2014 start. My application has been submitted as of Monday. Did it really take the full 6-8wks to find out your acceptance? thanks for any info!

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