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HI all! So any working RN's gong from a BSN to a MSN with FNP? I applied for the 2012 fall UCSF MSN/FNP and was wondering how many others have done so? I went to an information meeting earlier this year and there were a lot... Read More

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    Accepted. Good luck to everyone else!

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    still waiting for UCSF AGNP results. I, however, applied as a post-masters student and ours are a little bit delayed (I understand they accept masters students first). Any post master's applicants out there?
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    Apparently UCSF just announced that they are no longer having the NNP program. I am not clear on if this is just for next year or permanently. I have a friend who applied for 2012 and she just got an email this week saying they are not having it. Kinda crazy...
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    I applied in early September of last year. That means I've been waiting to hear back for almost eight months. Bananas! I've already accepted another offer, so it's just curiosity at this point. They must be overwhelmed.
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    Anybody heard any news yet?
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    Anyone heard anything yet?
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    So, I finally broke down and called to find out my status for the UCSF FNP program. I was designated an alternate. Would love to know stats of those who were accepted...
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    I was an alternate and I just received an admission offer yesterday Crazy how life works...

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