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Greetings! I wanted to start a feed for UAB NP Summer 2018 hopefuls! I know the deadline hasn't arrived yet--but I know this anticipation is killing me. I figured this may be a nice way for us to... Read More

  1. by   ACB73
    Go to Facebook & search "UAB NP SUMMER 2018 cohorts". 😃

    Congrats to you!!!

    Quote from CRaus
    I tried the same thing and it takes me to a link for this thread. (Sorry this was in reference to the facebook page)
  2. by   alidanielle
    i got my letter yesterday!!!
  3. by   arskeins
    Hello! I was able to create an ID and log into Blazernet. Haven't received an acceptance letter yet but it does say: Acute Adult Gerontology Nur Pr under concentration. I'm hope this means I'm in!

    I also tried to go to the facebook page for the group and was redirected here. I tried to create a group but I need at least one email address to make it official. Let me know if any of you want to join.
  4. by   AnnaRN2112
    You're in. Congrats!! I bet you get your letter soon. Search for UAB Summer 2018 Cohorts. There are already a few of us on there.
  5. by   arskeins
    Awesome, thank you. I think I found the page.
  6. by   echampRN
    No official acceptance letter yet, but it allowed me to create a Blazernet ID and when I logged in it showed my as NP Ped Acute/Primary Care. I live in Tennessee so hopefully I'll get the official letter in the mail tomorrow?

    For those of you who have received the official letter, did it include a deadline date to accept the offer? I'm still waiting to hear back from one other school but their letters don't go out until mid-February so I was worried I wouldn't be able to wait that long to accept the offer from UAB? I could probably wait until I got the letter to look for myself, but I'm super impatient haha
  7. by   CRaus
    Congratulations! I was accepted for the NP Peds Acute/Primary Care program as well. I received my letter today and I am in Oklahoma. I have read 2 different things. In the acceptance letter it says you must respond within 10 days of receiving the letter, but on the admissions checklist it says the deadline is by January 8, 2018.
  8. by   echampRN
    Congratulations to you too! I thought I'd get the letter yesterday considering my close proximity to Birmingham, but everything seems to be taking a little longer with the holidays so hopefully today is the day! I'll just wait and see what it says or maybe I can call and speak to someone in admissions for clarification. Thanks for your help!
  9. by   BLauren85
    Did anyone apply to the WHNP program? If so, have you heard anything?
  10. by   LDRP.RN
    My friend heard last week; and, I finally heard this week after some technical difficulties. I was able to make my Blazernet ID today.