UAB Fall 2013 NP Programs - page 3

I have applied to UAB's ACNP program for Fall 2013. Just wanted to start a "roll call", if you will, for all those applying to any of UAB's NP programs for fall 2013 so that we can kind of keep each... Read More

  1. by   friamber
    I applied and wasaccepted in spring of 2013 but had to turn down the acceptance due to circumstances at the time. I reapplied for fall 2013 and I hope that email means that I got in. Although I have not been receiving emails from UAB prior to this one, I was worried that it was simply because I was on the previous mailing list or something. I just created a BlazerNet account and still shows everything as spring 2013. I am ready to hear something official.
  2. by   earthsalt
    I just received the insurance email last night at like 8 pm. However, the concentration on my BlazerNet account is still blank?? I'm just ready to know something definite!
  3. by   friamber
    It makes me more confident that there are other people who are getting this email. I am still trying to not get my hopes up too much!
  4. by   earthsalt
    I take that back. My concentration now says "Acute Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner"!!
  5. by   SoBlessed_RN
    How do you create a Blazernet ID?
  6. by   friamber
    When you go to UAB's page you can click quick links in the upper right hand corner and then click blazernet. When you get to that page you can click the BlazerNet central link below the login option. That will take you to a new page and on the left hand side you will see the option of Register BlazerID. Just follow the on screen steps from there.
  7. by   SoBlessed_RN
    I tried to register but it doesn't look like I'm in the system. I used my social security as the student ID but it doesn't work. Hope that doesn't mean I'm not in the program. Thanks anyway!
  8. by   %63theend
    Didn't work for me either...
  9. by   SoBlessed_RN
    Rizz: did you get the email as well?
  10. by   %63theend
    No. I didn't get any emails.
  11. by   SoBlessed_RN
    I just created and logged into my BlazerNet account. It lists my concentration as psych mental health NP and I have an assigned advisor!!!! Hope that means I'm in the program!
  12. by   %63theend
    No luck for me yet. Maybe tomorrow.
  13. by   wanderlea
    I got the email and I was able to create a BlazerNet ID but where do I go once I log in to see my concentration? I'm dying to know if all this means I got accepted?! Or is everyone getting the email and is allowed to sign in to BlazerNet..The suspense is killing me!