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I have applied to UAB's ACNP program for Fall 2013. Just wanted to start a "roll call", if you will, for all those applying to any of UAB's NP programs for fall 2013 so that we can kind of keep each other posted on the progress... Read More

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    I received an email Friday night that stated the following

    "International students, as well as students in clinical programs and certain graduate programs, are required to have major medical insurance. If you have received this email, you are in a mandatory program. If you do not think you are in this category, please contact your academic program directly.

    Beginning this spring, all mandatory students will have an "insurance hold" placed on their accounts forFall 2013. You will need to either sign up for the offered insurance product or complete a waiver if you have comparable major medical insurance.

    Please visit BlazerNET via the below link tocomplete this process:

    Select Health Insurance or Submit a Waiver

    Once you complete this process, yourregistration hold will be removed immediately."

    I am curious as to if I received this email by mistake or it anyone else received it. I am soooooo anxious to finally receive an official letter.

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    Friamber: have you checked your blazernet account to see if they've actually placed a hold on your account yet?
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    Okay, so I haven't received any email or anything yet, but I did just look on my BlazerNet account and it shows 3 holds on my account and has an adviser listed now as well. These items weren't there Friday when I checked. I'm hopeful this means that I'm accepted!! The anticipation is really starting to get to me!! lol Has anyone else heard anything yet?
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    I haven't yet but I also do not have a blazer net account.
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    I applied for Fall 2013 as well. I recieved that same email! I hope that means we are accepted! The anticipation is killing me!
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    I did my undergrad studies at another university. It just let me create a BlazerNET ID and when I logged in it said my concentration was acute adult nurse practitioner with RNFA. So I guess thats good news?
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    I applied and wasaccepted in spring of 2013 but had to turn down the acceptance due to circumstances at the time. I reapplied for fall 2013 and I hope that email means that I got in. Although I have not been receiving emails from UAB prior to this one, I was worried that it was simply because I was on the previous mailing list or something. I just created a BlazerNet account and still shows everything as spring 2013. I am ready to hear something official.
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    I just received the insurance email last night at like 8 pm. However, the concentration on my BlazerNet account is still blank?? I'm just ready to know something definite!
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    It makes me more confident that there are other people who are getting this email. I am still trying to not get my hopes up too much!
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    I take that back. My concentration now says "Acute Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner"!!

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