TWU FNP FALL 2017 - page 2

Who has been accepted to TWU for Fall 2017 FNP and what campus are you attending?... Read More

  1. by   JRNY13
    Yay that's awesome! Congrats to everyone so far.
  2. by   misabui
    I'm applying for Denton campus since the extended their deadline! Did they email you? And did you have to take GRE
  3. by   JRNY13
    I took the MAT. I was accepted early April for Dallas and May for Denton, both via email. I have not checked my snail mail yet but it was updated on my webadvisor application status as well.
  4. by   misabui
    Nice! Well hopefully I'll see you around in the fall if I get accepted into the Denton campus!
  5. by   JRNY13
    Good luck!
  6. by   misabui
    Do you know when orientation day for the Denton campus is?
  7. by   JRNY13
    June 21 at 1PM. Did you get accepted!?
  8. by   misabui
    Yea I did! Looking forward to meeting you!
  9. by   JRNY13
    Yay! All right! So that's two for Denton on this thread, haha.
  10. by   imageortho
    i was accepted to the Denton Fall 2017 cohort. Im just concerned with how much time is required for each class. Do we meet up with study groups or just wing it on our own?
  11. by   sfortner
    Hey guys! I am planning on applying for the FNP program for next Fall and was curious as to what their average acceptance is. Would you guys mind sharing your GPA's, nursing experience, and GRE/MAT scores? Also, is it different per campus? I am hoping for Dallas. I meet the requirements, but am still very nervous and would really appreciate any insight!