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Tennessee state university MSN-FNP

  1. 0 Hello. I need some advice and maybe hopefully find some helpful suggestions and reviews in term of the MSN-FNP prog at TSU. I will be starting this summer and would like to know what their program is like.
    Also, are there any former or current student that would be interested in keeping up contact.
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    I am looking at this program too. Which other ones are you considering?
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    I also looked at Georgetown, St Louis Univ and UT Arlington. Communication is not all that good with TSU so far, that's why i am looking for people who have had experience/s with the school. Have you applied yet?
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    Is this a Regents program? I will be starting in Fall and wondering how it is set up for classes and coursework.
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    Yes, its the Regents program. I start this summer. I am still trying to figure out how the coursework is set up. I just sent an email to the school again for some more clarification.
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    I start Fall and am wondering how the classes are done as well. Do we log onto RODP's website? They have a link on their website. Hope you can figure it out soon. Let me know if you figure it out.
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    Okay. I just found out a couple of information that may be helpful. First the nursing dept will send you an admission or acceptance letter, however there is a separate admission certificate/package you will receive as well from them. This package should contain more detailed information in terms of obtaining username using your T#, courses to register,financial aid and pretty much information to get started with. I also did some research on the RODP website and found a link to the course listings where i found the syllabus for the courses, forms for preceptors and also list of textbooks using the course numbers. If you have a hard time locating some of the information you can PM me and i will forward the links i have to you.
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    I am applying for the Fall at TSU and Graceland. What is the advantage of the RODP format?
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    I wanted an online program instate so I could keep costs down. I looked into Graceland as well. I hope I can find some people who are going to be in the RODP classes with me. Have you decided where you are going? Have you done the RODP application?
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    Am not sure if you got my PM yet, but TSU will sen you an admission letter with your T# on it with which you can log in. Now for the syllabus and textbooks i went to the RODP website. Go to the Degree/Prog link click masters, select FNP from drop down menu to see the list of courses. Then for the syllabus, go to Degree/Prog, go to course listings and drop down to NUR, it starts with NUR 500/600/700 through NUR 5990/6990/7990.
    Have you received your T# yet?
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    Its all online with no campus visit requirement if your go through the RODP except for the comprehensive final exam
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    I will be attending MTSU. I received my M# and registered for Adv Patho, Pharm, and Health Assess. What are you taking in the Fall?
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    Anyone still commenting/checking on this post?