Taking the AANP....what to study?!?!?!

  1. I am a new graduate MSN-FNP and plan on taking the AANP next month. I am so overwhelmed trying to decide what to study!!!! I was going to use the Fitzgerald review book, listen to both the Fitzgerald and Hollier review CDs, and attend the live Hollier review course at the end of this month. Is it necessary to also study notes and books from class (including Primary care, patho, pharmacology, and assessment)?!? I feel like if I try to study everything, it will be months before I am ready to take the test! Would this be complete overkill and I should just stick with the review books, CDs, and course and ignore my class notes? Please help me with some study suggestions!
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  3. by   megank5183
    This is totally of topic, but I'm wondering about your previous post of getting pregnant in FNP school. I am in a similar situation and am dying to have a baby....but I still have two years left till school. Did you get get pregnant towards the end of school or are you waiting? My plan is to get pregnant during the last year of school and have the baby approx a two months after graduation (i am aware that this predicated on the assumption that I will get pregnant exactly when I want to). Thanks....
  4. by   OncRN85
    Well.... I definitely should have kept in mind that things never happen when you want! We have actually been trying for about 8 months with no luck...I officially graduated this past Saturday and am now looking for a job. I want to think that the timing was not right and now that I am out of school, everything will come together. Good luck, and try not to get discouraged if things don't turn out exactly as you hoped!