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  1. Hi all,

    I am planning on applying to Direct Entry MSN (Family NP track) programs this upcoming Fall 2013 to begin in the Summer of 2014. Seattle University's APNI program is my top choice and I was wondering if anyone is IN the program who applied with a low cumulative GPA. My GPA from my last two years was 3.8, but combined with my first 2 years my cumulative is a 3.23 :/

    I have all As in my science pre-reqs so far and still need to take the GRE. I have also been working as a research study coordinator for the last 2.5 hrs at a large medical center. Can anyone from SU's APNI program know if the program actually looks at the "whole applicant" or is there known to be a GPA cutoff for the app to even be reviewed.

    Does anyone know how many people apply and how many get in?

    If anyone has suggestions of other schools that look mainly at the last 2 years' gpa (ie. UIC) or the whole applicant, please let me know!

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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  3. by   KFoss
    I can not give you specifics as I am not in that program but I know people who applied to Seattle U's BSN and you do have to have a high GPA 3.7+. It is very competitive for the programs in Western WA. Like I said, I don't know anyone who has done the direct entry MSN though (well I did know someone who planned on applying but we only had one class together and I don't know if she got in or not). I would go to the Washington forum and ask there. It has been a year since I was in that forum but I know that there were people talking about the program.
    The last post was from someone who got into the program recently
    Hope that helps some.
  4. by   jbsu
    I am in SU's APNI program, I will be graduating this August (!!!!). I had a lower undergraduate GPA, but had all As in my prereq classes. I think the program is more competitive than when I applied though because UW and many other schools have transitioned to DNP only programs (even though CRNAs are the only specialization that has even talked about DNP being required as an entry to practice). It is also now the only APNI program in this area, it was when I applied also though. My cohort was also the first that split the slots for FNP and created the AGNP (Adult/ Gero NP) cohort. Some say that AGNP is slightly less competitive than FNP, but I think both are pretty competitive and excellent students.

    In our cohort we had 50 that were selected (I think we had 8 CNMs, ~12 FNPs, ~12 AGNPs, ~5 PMHNPs, and 10 Community/Public Health Nursing), I'm not sure how many applied, I think I heard around 300 or so my year.

    SU looks at the whole applicant. Volunteer work and life experiences are well regarded in selection. I would say that your GPA and GRE will qualify you, but your volunteer work and life experiences, and how you can articulate what you learned into applying to your future practice will be what get your selected.
  5. by   Mwaskub
    Hi Everyone,
    I have a BS in a non-nursing field but my GPA is slightly below 3.0. I have taken some post-bacc classes and my GPA is really high. What are my chances of getting in? Does anyone know the average GPA of those getting into the program?