Primary Care Track clinicals with Emergency doc? - page 2

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I have a personal relationship with an emergency room physician who I think I could learn a lot from (he oversees a chest pain urgent clinic). I am in a program to become an Adult/Gero primary care NP. I haven't asked the school... Read More

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    @danapjmsn: i'm taking patho in the spring and i will be starting the clinical courses in fall 2012 too (i'm nervous and please stay in touch). we will meet in the fall for the 3 day orientation.
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    My email is Email me and I'll give you my phone #. patho so far has been quit time consuming and we are only on test 3 out of 7. We should definitely keep in touch!
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    Hey Dana,
    I tried to email you and the message was returned( my email address is We definately need to stay in touch.