Preceptor questions for UT-Arlington Fall 2013 FNP

  1. I am applying to the University of Texas at Arlington for the Fall 2013 FNP. At the information session, the administrators told us that the school would arrange our first two preceptors but we were responsible for obtaining the rest of them. I asked for more details and I was told that students were expected to cold-call offices, join the state association, etc. If that didn't work, the school would vaguely "step in" and somehow either arrange a preceptor or give us lists of former preceptors to try. Can any current or former students give me more specifics? I have read numerous horror stories here on Allnurses about FNP students struggling to arrange preceptors. I will do anything I can such as the ENP network, emailing state association members, or even accepting a preceptor across the state where I have to stay in a local cheap hotel for a month at a time to acquire clinical hours. Will UTA let me down if I still can't find anyone and need an arranged preceptor? Much thanks for any information!
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