Pmhnp ancc board exam passed 2017


    I am happy to announce that I have recently passed my PMHNP ANCC board exam in late July 2017.

    I know that this website has helped me to narrow down study resources so I am paying it forward.

    FYI I graduated from Drexel University, who boasts a 100% pass rate, so I was already well prepared. I prepped for 4 weeks leading up to the exam (3 weeks approx. 2-3 hours per day, and the last week 8 hours per day).

    Study Resources:

    1. Board Prep 16 hours course provided by Drexel:
    -This was helpful and really refreshed some of the material learned in the previous year(s) and also showed me what I needed to work on. I would suggest doing at least some kind of live prep course.

    2. Pocket Prep PMHNP smart phone app:
    -500 questions that I took over and over again even after I started recognizing repeats. This was important in order to cement the information into my brain. Read all rationale!!

    3. Board Vitals PMHNP questions:
    -Over 1500 questions, again like the pocket prep I made sure to go through all the questions at least once, and kept taking tests even after repeating questions.

    4. ANA (ANCC) PMHNP IQ question (cost $125 for over 200 questions). Totally worth it, not only for the content, but to get a understanding of how the questions will be presented.

    5. ANA Test taking Strategies (cost $30) but was worth it, because it reminds you on key tips of taking these types of examinations.

    6. ANA (ANCC) PMHNP board prep book. 100 great questions in the back. I have to admit I didn't do any reading aside from the 1st chapter on board prep strategies (reading really puts me to sleep).

    Like I said, I don't do a whole lot of reading when prepping for board exams, it just puts me to sleep. I find that taking questions repeatedly allows me to learn more aggressively. For me it is more motivating. I have to say Pocket prep and Board vitals were not exactly like the ANCC exam, but they definitely allowed me to remember key points, concepts, and facts that showed up on the board exam.

    For those of you who are currently prepping, have no fear if your scores are low. I scored in the mid-60's consistently on pocket prep, board vitals, and the ANCC questions during the first several weeks of prep. As a matter of fact I never quite got much better than low 70's on board vitals until after I started to get repeat questions (board vitals is definitely tougher, which is good for prep work).

    Anyhow, that was my method. Good luck to everyone, and please PM me if you have any specific questions.


    The Incredible, PMHNP-BC

    P.S. It feels really good typing that title up after my name.
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  3. by   oceanblue52
    Congratulations! I am looking to go back to school for this same specialty, any tips or suggestions for being successful? Anything I can do as an RN right now? I work outpatient and am trying to get a better handle on how different drugs are combined to manage complex symptom management.
  4. by   TheIncredible
    Any experience in Psych will help. Whether inpatient or outpatient.

    It's very competitive to get into these Psych programs. I had a 3.8 GPA and good Gre scores and out of 12 schools that I applied for, I was only accepted into 4.

    If you haven't done your BSN yet, I advise you to be sure to get straight A's as this will make you more competitive. Also strong Psych experience will help you during the application process.

    Taking the ANCC Psych RN speciality boards will surely help you as well.

    Good luck!
  5. by   boardvitals
    Congratulations! Glad we could help you with key points and concepts.
  6. by   TheIncredible
    I would recommend your website to anyone. Board vitals is probably what I spent the most time using while preparing for the boards.
  7. by   Ddhar
    Congratulations!! I have purchased those tests from ANCC test prep. Did you think the questions were laid out similar any if they kind you reviewed for studying?
  8. by   TheIncredible
    If you are referring to ANCC test prep from "exam edge" than I did not use those. However those who used them told me that the questions were NOT good and NOT a good representation of the exam.

    The ANCC questions that I used are actually developed by the ANCC and can be purchased on the ANA website, and YES: Those questions are formatted exactly how the questions are on the actual examination. In my opinion they are a MUST.

    Please find the link for the PMHNP IQ questions:

    Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
  9. by   miaamor1
    Thank you TheIncredible NP,

    I was feeling worried. I used board vitals, pmhnp pocket prep, pmhnp review and resource manual 4th ed, and anything else I could get my hands on. I was scoring low to mid 60's on board vitals and pocket prep. I felt like I walked into the test only knowing lithium levels...THAT'S IT. Everything else was a blur. While taking the test, the first 30 or so questions I felt like I didn't know. It was only after that I started seeing material that I was familiar with. Still, during the entire test I just knew I was going to fail and have to retest. I had ten minutes left and thought about going over my answers, but by the that time I was mentally DONE. I walked out of the testing room feeling like I failed. The rep must have seen the look on my face because soon after I collected my keys from the locker, she gave me a thumbs up with my congratulations letter. I was totally surprised. I just knew I failed that test.

    Your post made me feel a little better about where I was at in my studies and gave me hope. So, thank you.
  10. by   TheIncredible
    Congrats! I'm glad I could help
  11. by   cmiller1185
    Congrats! How were the board questions in relation to board vitals questions? Similar, easier, harder? Thanks
  12. by   TheIncredible
    They were not worded the same. But a lot of the content on board Vitals showed up on the exam. I would say that the board vitals questions we're slightly harder.
  13. by   cmiller1185
    Thank you!!!
  14. by   yhl1975
    Thank you so much for the help , assistance and support in this particular topic. I passed the ANCC PMHNP on 09/27/17 . I prepared just for 2 months. I hope my post will make others to feel a little better . So, thank you all and good luck.