Past ASN & BSN Excelsior students that went on for NP?

  1. 0 Hi all, I'm currently in my second to last term of my BSN. My background includes LPN (7 yrs), and then I received my RN through Excelsiors' LPN to RN, and finally I'm still at Excelsior finishing my BSN.

    I have been considering University of Cincinnati, Frontier, Georgetown, and Maryville University so far. The problem that I'm running into is since I received my RN license I have been working as a Case Manger and some schools require one year of RN experience (though not sure if this is hospital or not). I tried to work a Med-surg unit and HATE HATE HATE the hospital setting. I'm not worried about taking online courses as I have been doing so for two years now. My ASN gpa (due to transferred credits) was a 2.93, with my EC GPA was a 3.03.

    Currently my BSN Excelsior GPA is a 3.54 with overall GPA of 3.33- finishing up my two nursing courses and a gen ed this term, and just have my Capstone course from Aug-Dec.

    Anyone out there a past EC student like myself that went on for an NP program? Did you have to retake any courses? How are you finding Graduate school? Comments and/or suggestions on any of the schools I am currently looking at or any other schools?


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