Passing the FNP-ANCC

  1. Hello-

    I just wanted to come here and give back. I read information from this site weeks before I sat for boards. I am happy to say that I am Board Certified. I passed the ANCC August 2017. I want you all to know that you can do it. It is much easier than the NCLEX in my opinion. The ANCC is really testing your critical thinking. I found the questions to be case study is your patient here is how they present, so what are you going to do.
    I have to admit I have terrible anxiety so I procrastinated weeks until I scheduled my exam. Here was my plan:

    Four weeks intensive study:
    Barkley Home Study Review Course is what I based 90% of my studying on. Worth every penny. I would listen to the cds in my car anytime I was in my car. I would study 2 hrs per day for 3 weeks. 7 days per week.

    I would listen to him at home and take notes in the book he provides. I would take his mini test and 2 DRTs.
    His DRTs are much harder than the exam. So if you are doing well on these you will be just fine. And I many questions are similar..very similar.

    The last week I did nothing but study 5..6...7 hrs per day. I know this sounds crazy but again. My anxiety wouldn't allow anything less.

    I would cross reference unfamiliar or to get a better understanding of things with Leik. Her book is clear cut and to the point. I found her dissemination and helpful tips in the book very valuable.

    Please email me for any questions or ideas. I'm here to help all of our future NPs. Good luck!