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I just wanted to share my thoughts as many of you are taking your boards soon. I passed my ANCC FNP exam today. In January I sent my application to ANCC and pre-registered to have my transcripts sent... Read More

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    Hi Hephzy and all of you other FNP-BCers!!

    Thanks all for your input with the boards. Reading through these posts have been helpful.

    I am scheduled to take the boards for FNP ANCC soon and I did purchase some tests on the familynpprep site but I'm wondering what you all were getting on those exams. I have scored a little below 350 on some, but also in the 380's. I am not sure if I'm ready to take the boards yet so I'm wondering if those Exam Edge results are in any way indicative of what I might get on the real exam?

    Also, I got 75% on the Fitzgerald practice test.

    Did others who have passed the boards get these types of scores on the practice tests?

    I just want to know if my scores indicate whether I'm ready or if I should just keep on studying.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks so much!

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    I just joined today, I decided to do so because the discussion helped me narrow done on what to study. If you are doing the AANP exams, I will encourage you to buy test questions from Exam Edge, Also, read the NURSE PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION EXAMINATION AND PRACTICE PREPARATION , It is a gold mine. I used those for my review for about a month. It was very helpful!!! It feels so good to pass. I just passed and I am so excited. FNP-BC
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    Congrats!!! Thank you for the post!!! I took ANCC for my Adult NP in 2005 but I don't really remember any of the details that made me successful so I thank you for this post as I start prepping for the ANCC FNP boards.
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    I was wondering, what ANCC yellow book does everyone keep referring to which has the non clinical information in it?
    Thank you!