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I just wanted to share my thoughts as many of you are taking your boards soon. I passed my ANCC FNP exam today. In January I sent my application to ANCC and pre-registered to have my transcripts sent... Read More

  1. by   Tanguera
    Hi Hephzy and all of you other FNP-BCers!!

    Thanks all for your input with the boards. Reading through these posts have been helpful.

    I am scheduled to take the boards for FNP ANCC soon and I did purchase some tests on the familynpprep site but I'm wondering what you all were getting on those exams. I have scored a little below 350 on some, but also in the 380's. I am not sure if I'm ready to take the boards yet so I'm wondering if those Exam Edge results are in any way indicative of what I might get on the real exam?

    Also, I got 75% on the Fitzgerald practice test.

    Did others who have passed the boards get these types of scores on the practice tests?

    I just want to know if my scores indicate whether I'm ready or if I should just keep on studying.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks so much!

    Quote from Hephzy
    I just joined today, I decided to do so because the discussion helped me narrow done on what to study. If you are doing the AANP exams, I will encourage you to buy test questions from Exam Edge, Also, read the NURSE PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION EXAMINATION AND PRACTICE PREPARATION , It is a gold mine. I used those for my review for about a month. It was very helpful!!! It feels so good to pass. I just passed and I am so excited. FNP-BC
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  2. by   Senny.ANP.FNP
    Congrats!!! Thank you for the post!!! I took ANCC for my Adult NP in 2005 but I don't really remember any of the details that made me successful so I thank you for this post as I start prepping for the ANCC FNP boards.
  3. by   kenwright52

    I was wondering, what ANCC yellow book does everyone keep referring to which has the non clinical information in it?
    Thank you!
  4. by   chibaby26
    Has anyone withdraw from taking ANCC fnp exam?
  5. by   chibaby26
    Has anyone withdraw from taking the ANCC FNP EXAM? I passed my AANP exam and I don't see the point in taking the ANCC again. And also, how much do they give back?