OB, CNM, FNP, Surgery, PACU, where to start?!

  1. Ok, so I have been working on a surgical inpatient unit for 6 months now (my first job) and all I know for sure is I don't want to stay here. Great hospital, great unit, great coworkers, poor schedule, and I'm not enjoying the type of work I do.. I don't like "floor" nursing. I'm in school for my BSN which I will finish next year and then hopefully start my BSN-DNP courses. When I go to school for my DNP I either want to do Women's health/Midwife, or Family NP. I am not sure which I want to pick and it's hard to know when I don't have any RN OB experience (other than clinicals which I loved). Getting in OB at my hospital is nearly impossible, I can get into surgery there (actually OR) much easier and this too interests me but I am unsure if it will help me once I am in school for my DNP. If there is anyone out there loving what you are doing I want to know about it, maybe it will help me make my decision.

    So what do you think I should do

    A) Get a job in OB quick, so you can see if you like it!
    B) You are happy with the hospital you work at so don't leave. Get a job in surgery you will love it!
    C) Have you considered ER or ICU? They are great places to work and you will learn so much and be happier than on the floor!
    D) Just get a job in an ambulatory care center or an urgent care. They are fast paced but more fun to work at you will enjoy it much more.
    D) Other:_________________________

    Come on people help me find a direction to go in!!!
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  3. by   xxlilkacixx
    Any thoughts? Anyone??
  4. by   IrishIzCPNP
    Do you want more than your RN? If so the answer isn't to stay where you are or just switching floors. There are people who don't want more and those that do. That's the first thing to decide.

    If you want more and want to consider CNM you really need to find a way into OB. Is there another hospital you can work at?
  5. by   xxlilkacixx
    Well I definitely want more. I definitely want to be a nurse practitioner I just don't know in what area. I also don't know what work experience I need to be getting now... But I guess that will really come with picking a specialty.
  6. by   IrishIzCPNP
    If you think CNM is something you may want I would try and get onto a labor floor. I was going to go to a CNM program but changed my mind. The school required L&D experience....most (if not all) do.

    Can you do some job shadowing to narrow down your specialty? Even job shadow an RN where you would need to work to get experience and see if you like that.
  7. by   Annaiya
    If you really want to work OB, then figure out how to get hired when they have an opening. For example, I got on a committee that the director of the unit I wanted to transfer to was on and then worked to impress her on the committee. I think this helped me a lot in getting hired where I am. If you want to develop the best assessment skills and knowledge then the ICU/ER are better options. Spend some time thinking about why, specifically, you don't like where you are now. Are you not challenged enough? Do you not like the pace of the work? (In my experience the OR is very slow paced. Where as the ICU is very fast paced.) What makes for a great day at work? What makes for a terrible day? If you can pinpoint what things you like and dislike most about what you're doing now, that can help you figure out what will be a better fit in your next position. If you really are interested in FNP, then you should get some peds experience too, so that should also be on your list of options
  8. by   xxlilkacixx
    Thank you all so much for the information. I actually hit what I call the "L&D lottery"! I applied and was interviewed for a full time days position at a rural hospital in my area. I had a really positive interview and I've been asked to come shadow. I'm super excited but nervous at the same time since I love my current unit (it's just not the area of nursing I want) but feel this is just too good of an opportunity to pass up. I am eager to learn and feel excited about the direction this job would take me in, I just hope I'm surrounded by lots of people that want to teach me.