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    Quote from missvictoriat
    I was thinking of taking theory & adv.assessment (1st semester), then research & adv. patho (2nd semester), and Adv.Pharm & Adv.Nursing Role (3rd semester). What do you think?
    Honestly, those class pairings will make your life much easier. You're basically taking one substance class with one fluff class (which I'm sure is your logic).

    Ideally, it the systems covered are synchronous (or nearly so), then combining the "tough" classes into one or two semesters shouldn't be too bad. I.e., if you are covering CV in phys dx same time as CV in path and cardio drugs in pharm. In reality, it doesn't ever seem to line up exactly (didn't for me, phys assessment and patho in same semester).

    The other variable would be clinicals. On the one hand, it is tougher to take the real classes along with clinicals. On the other, I'd hate to be in clinical without having at least had assessment and one other class (path or pharm, for me it was path) under my belt.

    If your part time schedule has clinicals after the above classes are taken, it probably comes down to whether you want one ouch and over with (assess/path/pharm together, then the three BS classes) or moderate pain over all three semesters (your plan above).
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    Such a love-hate thing with that book, some love it and some (like me) hate it. I found my undergrad text (Lehne) to be more in depth and detailed (and thus useful) than Lip, and about equal to other text (Katzung). Our pharm prof recommended Lippincott and Katzung for this very reason, since students tend to prefer one over the other.

    The icons depicting SEs were kinda funny sometimes, I have to admit.
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    I love Lehne from undergrad too. Our grad program recommended Edmunds and Mayhew but I didnt like it. I would still read from Lehne for my NP program. He makes reading so rhythmic and enjoyable like reading a non fiction..hahaha

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