Nurse Practitioner Questionnaire for MSN Leadership Course at USA

  1. hi everyone,

    i'm just getting started in this summer semester at usa and want to get a jump on one of my assignments for my apn roles/leadership class that is due toward the end of july. it involves a short questionnaire/interview of an np. since my chosen track is acnp, they would prefer if i interviewed that role but will accept it as long as the interviewee is a nurse practitioner. i'll not ask you to post your info on this site, but if you will post your willingness to answer these questions, then i will pm you, and you can either use this site to type your answers in a pm back to me, or i'll email you, or i'll even call you if that would save you the time of having to type these answers. i'll cooperate in any way i can in order to make it easier for you. we don't have very many np's, especially not acnp's, where i live, which is why i'm turning to allnurses for help.

    however, i will warn you that they want me to list your name, title, address, and phone number because they will be randomly contacting the participants to thank them (and also make sure that you are real people, too, i'm sure.) but i would only give them your name/title with your work address and work phone number, of course, to help maintain your privacy. here are the questions they want answered in case you want to know what you'd be getting yourself into. it's fairly short really.

    1. is there a written job description for the apn and what duties does it include?

    2. how many apns are employed in the facility? how are they used in the organization?

    3. how does the apn participate in quality management? describe through an example.

    4. how does the apn use evidence based guidelines? provide an example.

    5. how does the apn utilize research findings? give an example.

    so please please please, if you get a few minutes could someone consent to this interview? all my thanks!
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    Oh well, I guess I'll just have to do it the old fashioned way and break out the phone book. Feels too much like cold-calling for sales, though, ya know? LOL!