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Merit based scholarships to NP school?

  1. 0 Hey all! I just started an accelerated BSN program this semester. I know for a fact that I want to become a Nurse Practitioner. My issue is cost. I'm a second degree student who already has a bachelors and a masters (MPH to be specific). I have around 100k in student loans from my first two degrees, and am attending a private BSN program that is fairly expensive but a great and reputable program. I've always been a hard worker and I know my student loan payments will be managable for me as it stands now, but I'm really hesitant to take on a ton more debt for my NP degree. Are there any schools that offer scholarships to their NP programs? I typically qualify for smaller need based scholarships, but am most interested in finding a school that offers some merit based aid. I know I do have other options (state schools, HRSA, employer tuition assistane, etc) but I want to explore every option that I have. Thanks!

    P.s. I'm looking to become a FNP if that makes a difference!
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    When I was completing my MS, I applied and was awarded this grant which paid for most (more than half) of my tuition. I went to a state university but I know that all graduate schools in nursing have allocations for this grant for a number of students a year. Ask the prospective school how many students are awarded this grant each year.

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    Thank you so much Juan! I knew about the HRSA loan repayment program but hadn't heard of that grant. I appreciate the help!