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Maryville for FNP 2013 - page 3

Has anyone been accepted into Maryville University for the Spring 2013 FNP class? I have been accepted!! Just seeing if anyone else has been as well. I am still waiting on my first choice, Frontier... Read More

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    I am starting in the spring too!! Definitely will look for FB page
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    I am starting in the spring too!! Definitely will look for FB page. Tara
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    I cant find the Facebook page
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    I am starting in spring too (Jan. 14)! Can't find the FB page.
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    I, also, am starting in January and was unable to find the FB page
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    I was just accepted for Jan 2013 start too.

    I think the only FB group out there is the Maryville FNP 2014 one which is
    a closed group for the class of 2014.
    I think maybe we should start a new group for any and all Maryville online
    FNP students that want to join.
    That way we can all keep in touch and hopefully interact with some current
    students to see how the program is going, etc.
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    I am going to set up another group page for now. If we find the other one we can merge. Going to call it Maryville NP 2015...,
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    I am starting in Jan. also but I still can't find a FB page.
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    MaryvilleNP 2015 - See if that works
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    Hey does anyone have any info about the requirements for preceptors? I have heard of a lot of people struggling with this. I'm just wondering what is required for a preceptor to become approved by the university. Any info helps, thanks!!!
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    Hi guys, I still can't find it. I don't mind making one if there isn't one up yet. Maybe I'll do it and then just delete if we have another. I'm excited about starting but a little nervous as expected. I just ordered the nurs 600 book on amazon and read some bad reviews on it. Anyone have it and have any thoughts on it?
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    the book was okay for me. it was more repetitive with stating the word philosophical and theoretical alot. a complete bore if you ask me. the book is helpful because in the theory class you will conduct a project on a important nursing scholar so the first day of class there will be a list of nurses such as miss nightingale and so on and you must pick one before your classmate picks it becasue then you will have to start all over. the book will be basiclally used as a reference tool. it looks pretty on my desk. very new and hardly used it so now its just my reference book for the future classes.
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    Had my welcome call yesterday. Super excited to start. Going to order my book today so I can begin the readings. Any word on a FB page?