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  1. 0 I'm trying to find loans to assist in paying my living expenses while in grad school full time. I took out a loan with a nearby loan company, but the school won't certify the loan. They say it exceeds their coa. Their coa is $40,000 total for their program. The cost of tuition leaves me nothing to help pay evenas small bill. I am having to cut back my work hours to keep up with school work. Does anyone know of any loan companies that will pay out directly to the student? I have thought about taking out a personal loan, but the payments start right away and seeing that im having trouble with my current bills, a personal loan doesn't make much sense! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :-)
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    I don't know of a solution, other than cutting back to part time status, so you can work to pay your bills. I attended grad school part time, while working full time because I didn't want to accumulate massive amounts of loans at high interest rates. By my last semester, I had saved up tons of PTO time so I could take vacation from work to finish clinical. Is there a reason that you're in a rush to finish, that you have to go full time?