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  1. Hello fellow nurses!! Will anyone be starting Kaplan's AGNP program at the end of February? I am very excited to begin and wanted to hear some views from others who have either completed a nursing degree there or will be. I am new to this Allnurses forum, yet have found it interesting and fun.
    I am a married, mother of 5 and I work 3-12's on a fast paced cardiac/vascular intermediate unit-so no down time. I worry my MSN will be more intense than my BSN (which I completed all online at IWU). I'd love to complete the program in 2 1/2 years but I am not sure completing 2 classes a semester will be doable.
    I welcome all comments and suggestions.
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  3. by   sandieb102
    I am currently in the program having started in Sept. 2012 and I am getting ready to start the third class. I have found that I can only do one class at a time. I also work full-time night shift 5 nights a week. With all of the researching for discussion boards and assignments, I can only handle one class at a time and still try to find time for my family because I sometimes spend 15-20 hours a week for the class. If you can handle it, go for two classes but be careful of time limitations. Classes start on Wednesday and most first posts are due by midnight Friday night so if you can work ahead, do it. Good luck!