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I recently took the AANP and failed (ANP). I made it about 2/3 of the way through the test and did not pace myself and had to start willy nilly marking answers because I was running out of time.... Read More

  1. by   Adidi
    So BlueDevil, which one do you recommend the most??
  2. by   BlueDevil,DNP
    I don't think it matters. I probably won't bother to renew ANCC.
  3. by   abiagirlnp
    I took and passed both of them this year and I honestly think that the AANP was harder than the ANCC. I took the ANCC first and knew I passed it even before my result paper was printed. When I went back to take the AANP a few days later, I was shaking with fear at the end of the exam because the questions were harder. Luckily, I passed it too. The AANP had all clinical questions. None of the therapeutic communications/healthcare policy stuff. I now have a new-found respect for anyone who passed the AANP exam.
  4. by   allennp
    Jendandy, I will be kindly harsh here. So you want to be responsible for the health of others, be taken as a credible independent provider and that is how you prepare? You can cram for exams.....that may help but I am curious on how you have approached your academic training and other professional endeavors? You need to think about what you want to do.Cordially A
  5. by   sierra117

    i see no need to preface with 'i'll be kindly harsh' - jendandy didn't deserve or ask to be judged by you. . .or anyone else. if you would have read her entire post, perhaps you might have noticed a few subtleties that begged a much different response than what you offered.

    it has been my experience - people who tend to judge/point fingers are usually the epitome of 'do as i say, not as i do' and moreover, are unable to see their own flaws. being overly confident can be more dangerous than being underprepared. . .the latter more likely to ask questions and seek answers vs. thinking he/she already knows all there is to know.

    when you fall on your face from holding that head of yours so high, maybe it will be you that we read about: 'arrogant, over-confident np [you can insert whatever patient-oriented tragedy here]'. i would expect a little compassion, helpful tips, and the benefit of doubt from an experienced provider like yourself.

  6. by   sierra117

    If you don't do well on standardized exams - regardless of content - then utilizing a review course is a great way to improve your score. Aside from reviewing content, most reputable reviews will teach you strategy and time management - both equally as critical as content knowledge.

    If you do well on standardized exams - maybe your first go was a fluke (nervous, doubting yourself, listening to others too much instead of yourself) - but if this is the case, the review books and website question banks are excellent study methods.

    Also - when you do practice questions, don't simply focus on the correct answer. Look at all of the answers and see if you can put a scenario together and make them apply. If you don't understand a choice, look it up.

    Not sure if any of the above helps. . .hope it does. Think positive and good luck.
  7. by   helloluvkittie
    I'm taking the Adult AANP in 1 week...I've done Fitzgerald's CDs and review book, as well as Leik's review book. Has anyone taken the Adult AANP exam recently and can help narrow in on specific areas that were on your test???
    I'm aware that every test is different, but it might put me at ease to review specifics before next week.
  8. by   elainewashere
    I took the AANP this week and passed! But, I will tell you, it was very difficult. I took the Fitzgerald review course and had her CD's, had Amelies CDs and Amelies 4000 study questions book. The test was all over the place, as I anticipated. I am a FNP, so one would expect the full life span on the exam. However, there were questions about subject matter that I had never even heard of. At first I wondered if they loaded the correct test. Probably the first 6 or 7 questions I did not readily know the answer and had to reason my way through, and that's pretty much how it was for most of the test. I was very surprised that I passed. I fully expected to fail because I just couldn't click through and pick correct answers immediately. I just graduated August 2012, and one person in my class did fail the AANP. I personally know 3 people now that have failed it. Only one of my classmates elected to take the ANCC, and he passed it. Good Luck! I am just thankful mine is over!
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  9. by   Alexis33
    Well stated and thoroughly explained Sierra117. You are an excellent resource with regards to lifting one's spirit and focusing on solutions instead of knocking one down.
    Hats off to you!
  10. by   reddgirl
    Just re-work your study plan and you should be fine. We are adults and maybe you couldn't fully prepare in time. It's not about how you fall, it's about how you get up! Peace!
  11. by   yramasco
    They say that the first 15 questions are typically pilot questions..that may be why you found yourself guessing on the first few questions
  12. by   Rabbit111
    I hope this still applies 5 yrs later. I'm trying to decide which certification exam to take, and it's another needless headache trying to decide. Thanks for the info!!