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    I have an interview next week for the FNP BSN-DNP program at Oklahoma City Univ. Does anyone have any interview tips or example questions?? Anything would be much appreciated
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    Did you have your interview yet ???
    I'm also wondering what kind of questions get asked.
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    Nope it's Monday! Ill let you know what they ask. It said it will only be 20 mins!
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    Please do!!! I have mine on Tuesday!!! How are you preparing for it?? Good luck!!
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    Where are you interviewing? And I've been reading questions online and had some friends send me what they were asked. Also my dad is a physician and his friends have been asking me what they ask in med school interviews
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    I'm in canada.... Do you have any tips that you can share from your friends or dad???
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    Know the diff between PA and NP, what setting you see yourself working in, weakness/strengths, why you want to do NP, do you see physicians as peers or superiors
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    Thank you!!!!
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    My interview was very tough. They asked what I would do my capstone over, asked if I would legally be able to prescribe insulin, what my scope of practice would be, what symptoms I would expect to see in my future patients.

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