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Improving ways for acceptance to NP program

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I am looking to apply to an NP program next summer or fall (2013). My undergrad GPA was 2.62! What was I thinking then? Anywho, I have got accepted into a MSN administration program b/c I was considering getting a masters and then going back for a post-masters certification d/t my low low GPA. But then I don't want to waste 2 years on something I am not intending to use (but will if needed). Well, I have taken 4 three hour credit graduate classes and have maintained a 4.0. They are classes that will trasfer to most NP programs (the core classes like theory etc.). I have also recieved my CHPN and PCCN certifications and scheduled to take my CMC certification next month! What I was wondering is, will my 4.0 GPA graduate level classes and 3 certifications significantly help me with admission to an NP program without having to get a masters degree I do not intend to use? Also, any additional advice will be greatly appreciated! I'm not giving up either way
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    I was in a similar situation. My undergrad GPA was less than stellar (in a non-nursing program). However, I also had a 4.0 in my pre-reqs, had some great work experience, and wonderful recommendations. I explained in my application essay how I had matured and was a much more committed student, as evidenced by my 4.0 in my pre-req classes. I ended up being accepted to every NP program I applied to (Direct Entry). So, in a word, yes, I think your recent achievements will help you with admission. You can always schedule an informational interview with a program, and ask them how you would be viewed as an applicant. If the feedback isn't positive, ask what you need to do to strengthen your qualifications. I wish you the best of luck!
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    I had a 2.9 for my undergrad GPA. I attended Loyola's MSN program in health care systems management, graduating with a 4.0. I applied, toward the end of my MSN program, for a post-masters NP program. I applied to 3 programs, SLU, USA, and UAB. I was accepted into all 3 schools. I do believe getting a MSN and doing a post-masters will ultimately get you into a NP program. I don't feel Ive wasted any time doing it this way. I have less classes to take, can concentrate on the NP stuff, and do not have the pressure of not having a MSN degree. I am currently attending USA, and doing very well! Hope this helps.
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    Thank you guys for the information and advice. I'm going to keep trying until i succeed, regardless of how long it takes me!
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    I am currently in nursing school and about to start my final semester! woo hoo! I went to nursing school in order to become an NP (my dream job) ...BUT my GPA is about a 2.8 at the moment. I had a lot going on during nursing school with my sister's wedding and a whole lot of family stuff! I am so discouraged and have been crying almost everyday because of my gpa. Reading all of your previous comments gives me hope. I am driven and do not mind being in school throughout all of my 20s (currently 21). So my question is which MSN programs did you all attend? I have no problem traveling anywhere in the US for school...I just want to achieve my dream...
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    I need some serious help. I have an undergraduate degree of about a 3.1 and an accelerated BSN degree with about a 3.2. I really want to go to NP school but I'm really scared these grades are not competitive. Does anyone have advice? Which schools should i apply to? I really will go anywhere-- I'm so desperate to get in somewhere. PLEASE HELP!
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    How long of a program was health care systems management? And how much longer after that wet you able to complete your post masters NP program? Hope to hear soon!