implications of a Certificate RN or BSN for future of NPs?

  1. So I'm interested in two direct entry masters nursing programs, one that offers a BSN at the completion of the program and others that offer only a certificate. I have my BS in Biology, have my CNA, and have also worked at local hospitals. I have my fair share of healthcare experience and hope to work as an RN while completing my MSN. I realize the MSN trumps the BSN or certificate as far as applying for NP positions as of now...

    I guess I just need some advice from those who are more experienced or educated in the field of nursing... If I have my NP, will it even matter if I have a BSN or certificate for my RN? Any information would be greatly appreciated...
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  3. by   myelin
    I'm confused. They're both direct entry masters programs, but one offers a BSN at completion and the other one offers only a certificate and no degree whatsoever? Or do you mean on completion of the RN portion?
  4. by   DizzyD25
    They are both direct entry msn programs. After the first year at both programs, you sit for the NCLEX and are awarded a certificate RN. Then you continue to earn your masters the following two years, and are eventually awarded an MSN. At one program, they will award you a BSN once you've completed the entire program (you are already an RN since passing the NCLEX first year). The other school does not give the BSN. I just don't know what this may mean for my future as an NP and finding a job... I'm assuming the BSN would be better just in case