implications of a Certificate RN or BSN for future of NPs?

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    So I'm interested in two direct entry masters nursing programs, one that offers a BSN at the completion of the program and others that offer only a certificate. I have my BS in Biology, have my CNA, and have also worked at local hospitals. I have my fair share of healthcare experience and hope to work as an RN while completing my MSN. I realize the MSN trumps the BSN or certificate as far as applying for NP positions as of now...

    I guess I just need some advice from those who are more experienced or educated in the field of nursing... If I have my NP, will it even matter if I have a BSN or certificate for my RN? Any information would be greatly appreciated...

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    I'm confused. They're both direct entry masters programs, but one offers a BSN at completion and the other one offers only a certificate and no degree whatsoever? Or do you mean on completion of the RN portion?
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    They are both direct entry msn programs. After the first year at both programs, you sit for the NCLEX and are awarded a certificate RN. Then you continue to earn your masters the following two years, and are eventually awarded an MSN. At one program, they will award you a BSN once you've completed the entire program (you are already an RN since passing the NCLEX first year). The other school does not give the BSN. I just don't know what this may mean for my future as an NP and finding a job... I'm assuming the BSN would be better just in case

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