How do I choose which programs to apply to?

  1. I have decided that I will be applying to NP school this coming year. I am having trouble deciding how to choose which schools to apply to. I cannot find any statistics on how competative schools are. I meet all of the minimum requirements for programs, but I know that those are just the minimums. I have the luxury of being able to move as well, so location is not a. Huge factor (however I would like to stay in the Southeast). With a 3.35 GPA I don't want to waste money or time applying to schools that I will not get into, but I do want to apply to somewhat competative schools. Any input on where I can find these statistics? I have scoured all of the schools websites and only found a few that show average GPAs. Thanks.
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  3. by   priorities2
    You could go based on price, length, whether or not the focus/courses of the program look interesting. You aren't limited to just the information listed online about average GPA and competitiveness -- you can also call and ask.