Graduates of Tennessee's RODP masters program?

  1. I am currently awaiting the admission decision after applying to the Tennessee RODP-FNP program. I was assigned to APSU. I didn't think about it before applying, but will I have a hard time finding a job with an online education?

    Are there any RODP graduates out there? What were your job prospects upon graduation? Any other advice about securing preceptors (I live in the Kingsport TN area), learning everything, etc would be great too!

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  3. by   julielive
    Where do i begin? I am graduating from RODP in December. I personally love the program, its not perfect, but it's good. As for online degree..have no worries! I can assure you that it is not a problem. Every clinical I have done they have inquired as to me working there when done.

    But now, the bad news: Getting your preceptors. I need to stress this to you and any other students looking into the RODP program. Do not even enroll if YOU..PERSONALLY..cannot secure a preceptor for women's care and peds. I am not being dramatic, its the truth. Remember, these programs are set-up for the RN who has a large network of contacts. The school does not aid in anyway getting your preceptors for you. By you being responsible for your preceptors, the student is able to make their own schedule and get their hours in around their schedule. I have all my preceptors done/secured, but it was not easy. There are MANY students who have enrolled, done the prereq's and thought the school did the clinical placement...they do not. They will email you a list of providers who have said yes before, but most are not accepting students. If you cannot get these secured for when you need them? You will not be continuing..You MUST have your own contacts and you must get them when you need them.
    My advice? Make have a preceptor (MD or master's level PA/FNP) who will sign off saying you can be at their facility..they have student openings..for you to do 120 hours of women's care clinicals as well as 120 hours of pediatrics.
    With all of the PA schools and medical students, these placements are DIFFICULT at best. Many clinics have several years of waiting lists. If you can find those, get them to commit to you NOW for next year or whenever..then and only then ..would i chose this path.
    Remember: this must be outpatient clinics/offices. ER's and nursing homes can count for only a small amount of hours while hospitals count for none.
    I have spent many days and hours, sitting in waiting rooms, pleading for an preceptor. I have mailed hundreds of letters and got very comfortable in being a salesman..selling ME as a student. All of us have had to do this. Its very hard, but its part of RODP. That is the price for making your own schedule, staying close to home, and attending school part-time or full-time..whatever your needs are.
    Hope that helps.
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  4. by   Adunn
    Thank you for your response. I am transferring to TN rodp because the program I am currently enrolled the procurement of preceptors has been hellish to say the least. I have high hopes that since I am in a bordering county and already have verbal agreement with several preceptors that all will be well. I do believe however that securing your own preceptor is the norm with online programs.