Georgetown FNP 2012

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    I just got accepted into the FNP program at Georgetown. I was wondering if any one got accepted too. I would also love to hear from current or past FNP students.

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    Hi, Congrats!!! I applied but am still waiting to hear back! So nervous! Are you starting in August?
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    Thanks. Yes, I do start in August. I hope that you hear something soon.
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    Thanks! i hope so too. It's only been about 6 days since I got the message that my application was being reviewed. I am not sure how long it takes. I am so nervous! Did they notify you via email?
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    Yes I got an email and a phone call.
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    Congrats bebobthefrogRN on getting accepted! I was accepted as well and start the next cohort. At least I'm scheduled too but may not be able. Unless I get funding or help to go I won't be attending. I love Georgetown. It is my first pick but don't think I can afford to go which breaks my heart. I am not fresh out of highschool so my chances of a scholarship are I think slim. Congrats again-
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    I applied for the oct/ nov part time fnp program. Let me know if you decide to start
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    Hello everyone!
    I am applying for Georgetown's FNP program 2013 start, and was wondering what type of questions you were asked in your interview. Did you guys complete a "likelive" interview (|| LikeLive ||), or did you just submit a video? I am trying to prepare for the different types of questions they may ask.


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