FNP Preceptor Needed in Houston, TX

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    Hello to all!!

    I too share the same frustration as many of the other student regarding finding a preceptor!! I am family nurse practitioner student moving to the Houston area at Christmas time. I need some new preceptors for Spring!! I have seen some of the other post about larger cities and having to compete with other NP students and a tons of medical students... I have a feeling this is the case in Houston!! I have called over 30 potential preceptors...no luck yet as they either had a student, do not allow students in the practice, no longer precept, or just wont return my call.

    I am in need of a OB/GYN physician or a Certified Nurse Midwife in Houston and an internal medicine or family practice preceptor as well!! Any help would be great!


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    Hi! did you finally get a preceptor? I am in the same situation, desperately in need of a preceptor.Thanks
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    Hey, look into a local NP association for Houston. Usually if you join (pay their fees or whatever) they will put you in contact with an established NP to precept you. The local NP group in Austin does that, so that's how I'm hoping to lock down a preceptor.
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    For OB/GYN, try the Riverside? clinic in the medical center, it's a city clinic that does pap smears and STD screening and treatment. Also, try the OB departments at LBJ and Ben Taub. I know for a fact that there is an ANP at LBJ named Theresa that does L&D triage, and they have a GYN clinic with an NP, that does pap smears and cancer screenings in conjunction with MDACC. I always found the public health system to be supportive in helping me to get my clinical hours. I did 2 rotations at LBJ, and loved it. I still work there. Give them a try!
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    Hi. Did you have any luck finding a preceptor in Houston? If so, how did you find one?

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