1. 0 If I decide to get my Master's in NP...I am having difficulty deciding between Family NP and Psych/Mental Health NP. Are there more jobs available for FNPs...it seems like I never find postings seeking Psych NPs? Also, is there a salary difference?
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    Psych NPs are the second highest paid nurses after CRNAs. There is also a huge need, even in many desirable areas, as far as I can tell. Not sure about FNPs.
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    There is more of a need for FNPs but the Psych NPs make more $$ for sure. So I say follow your heart
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    thanks everybody...I am leaning towards Psych NP because it is what I am most interested in
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    good Luck Gina. Let us know how it goes
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    I know there is a huge dearth of psychiatric providers. There's a need for primary care as well. You should be able to find a job either way, you will likely be paid more as a PMHNP.

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