FNP online programs: UAB, Ball State, OSU

  1. 0 I graduated in May 2013 with my BSN from Emory. I already have to the urge to return to school! I just applied to UAB for fall 2014 and I plan on applying to Ball State and OSU for Spring 2015. Any insight from other applicants and current students would be very helpful.

    Is it possible to continue to work full time even during semesters with clinical rotations?

    How many hours per week are dedicated to the program?

    Is it difficult to find placement for clinicals? From my understanding its a long process that requires months of preparation.

    Has anyone had luck landing a job quickly after graduating/passing boards?

    Thanks so much for the input!
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    Time spent studying may vary but it's probably around 9 to 10 hrs per week. But that my fluctuate depending on an exam or projects due dates.

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