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I am in the first semester of my NP program at Gwynedd Mercy College. I can start my clinical hours this summer. However, we have to find our own sites for clinical. How do I go about this? I know online students must hit this... Read More

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    Quote from canchaser
    NrsKaren, I just googled those sites. AWESOME!!! I sent these onto my classmates to help them out. Thanks do much!
    Your welcome.

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    Reply to Glibwolf--I graduated GMC last year, I had many problems with clinical sites and ended up working with (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME - PLEASE DO NOT POST NAMES OF INDIVIDUALS IN YOUR PROGRAM PER TOS) in the GMC clinic. Don't let her fool you, there are options. If you need Pediatrics I highly recommend "Healthy Steps". We need to collaborate as Nurses and we can overcome many adversities. PS this won't be you're only one...
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    Hi dng_503

    I have some questions about how like/liked the Athabasca FNP program? I currently live in BC and am thinking about applying to Athabasca and then also some local schools. I know schools like UBC train you well for the OSCE and the American based written exam. I am mainly just wondering if you feel/felt prepared to write the OSCE and American based exam studying through Athabasca?

    Thanks so much!!

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