Family or Adult-Gerontology NP?

  1. I'm working on my BSN with a minor in Gerontology and LOVE the aging studies classes! I know that Geriatrics is the field for me! My long-term goal is to become an NP and work for an Internal Medicine/Geriatric Primary Care practice, or I've looked at those new companies that do NP house-calls to senior citizens in their homes (be it nursing homes, assisted living, or private residence).

    My question--though I know Geriatrics is the field I want to go into, would it be wise to just do the Adult-Gerontology NP track? I've been told by several people that PNP and AGNP are limiting and the FNP track is the way to go since it opens up more doors, but I do love how the AGNP focuses more on older adults and would broaden my knowledge of treating those patients. I'm just wandering with all the baby boomers rising up in age, if AGNPs will be in much higher demand in the years to come.

    My plan is to complete my MSN (AGNP track) and then go for my PhD in Gerontology.

    What do you guys think?
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  3. by   bobobijoux
    It seems silly to get your FNP if you want to work with adults. Not only are FNP programs more competitive to get into but they focus on an age range that you aren't as interested in. The adult program focuses on ages 13+ which gives you quite a broad range of patients you can care for. Plus, you made a very good point of the aging baby boomers. AGNP really is a great way to go especially if that is what you are drawn to. I say go for it.
  4. by   perioddrama
    Seconded! I say you go for the adult program!

    Good luck!