Fall 2012 NP Applications - page 20

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Hey Everyone, I'm applying to nurse practitioner programs for Fall 2012. Anyone else out there? Maybe we can encourage each other during the process. I'm applying to: University of Arizona DNP/FNP UAB FNP USA DNP/ENP and... Read More

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    I got in to UT Memphis....start in a week!!)
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    That's great CuriousRN84! Same here! Where are you coming from?
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    I just recieved my acceptance letter to Prairie View A&M University's FNP program for Fall 2012 yesterday!!!! It's located in the Texas Medical Center in Houston. I'm happy, but it just hasn't hit me yet. So I appear to be very indifferent about it (based on what my friends say lol). I think I was more "jumping around, screaming" excited when I got my acceptance letter to Nursing school, though hahaha.
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    Congrats to everyone on getting accepted to their chosen NP programs! I recently got into LIU Post's FNP program for Fall 2013-has anyone heard anything about this program? Any advice would be great!