Direct-Entry NP - Simmons vs Columbia?

  1. Hi, I was accepted to both Simmons' and Columbia's direct entry NP programs and am having a hard time deciding. I was wondering if anyone had any insight into why one program might be better than the other or if one has a better reputation. For what it's worth, I am from an hour away from Boston. Simmons is an FNP program, while I am into Columbia for adult (but it's easy to switch tracks). Columbia grants a BS/MS while Simmons only grants an MS, but I have heard from Simmons grads that this does not hinder your chances of finding an RN or an NP job. Any insights or opinions are greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   the healer's art
    If you want to work as an FNP outpatient and you're sure about it (don't want to switch) and don't plan on becoming an RN then I'd do Simmons just because you live there already and it's close (and I'm assuming cheaper?). If you want to work as an RN and are unsure about your specialty I would suggest Columbia because of the BSN. I've heard it is super super hard for nurses in Boston to get a job yet alone without a BSN. Plus if you're not suer which population you want to work with Columbia is more flexible about that.