Can an ACPNP work in a clinic setting?

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    I have been thinking way too much about becoming a NP. I currently work in the NICU and babies are all I've ever worked with. Anyways, I am having a very tough time choosing between FNP and ACNP. I know both are very, very different. Sometimes I feel that I would be happy working with babies and children, but I am very scared to work only in the hospital setting. I originally had given thought to go the FNP route, but then, I have never worked with adults.
    I already had an interview for an FNP program in the city where I live, but I am required to find my preceptors. The problem is not finding a preceptor, but I would need to precept a pediatrician (ok, no problem), a women's health NP, and an Intensivist! How will I ever find those preceptors if I only work with neonatologists and very seldom do I see a pediatrician.....
    On another hand, the ACPNP only requires to precept with pediatricians and pnp's....but then, I would no enjoy very much having to work those 24hr, weekend, and holiday schedules....

    Is it possible for ACPNP to work in a clinic setting, maybe something like 4 10hr per week, no weekends, or holidays? That would be great, but jobs like that exist for ACPNP?

    I just feel like I am about to pull my hair out

    Comments, opinions, and thoughts are welcome...

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  3. by   nomadcrna
    You do not need a women's health np, pediatrician and intensivist for FNP rotations.
    Just find a family practice NP or physician. You can get everything you need.
  4. by   ElisabethPRN
    Hi Papoya,

    I just came across your post and wanted an update. I am going thru this same struggle. My background has always been Peds hospital but I am very much interested in going back to school but would like to get out of the hospital setting. I thought FNP was the route I would take so then I could still care for Peds but with a clinic schedule. Have you found an answer to your above question? Would ACPNP be the better route for a clinic setting or could FNP but used in a Peds clinic?
  5. by   newFNP2015
    From my understanding, PNP programs are dwindling with more focus being placed on FNPs in all clinic type settings. I know at my school, only FNP, NNP, and AGNP (Adult-Geri) are now offered. Many other schools are following suit in my area as well.

    Also, I believe there are specific programs if you wanted to work in a clinic setting as a PNP (i.e. primary care vs acute care). In general, acute care will not work in a primary care setting such as a clinic and vice versa. There are exceptions, but less so nowadays with clearer lines being drawn for scope of practice for NP specialties.
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  6. by   rnmindy
    Have you looked into a primary care PNP program? There is one that I applied for at the University of South Alabama. Everyting is online but you do have to find your local preceptors. I have heard great things about the program and I liked that they had a seperate acute and primary option. I am interested in peds only as well so FNP was not an option for me. I also don't want to do 12 hr shifts on a unit so I chose the primary care route. Look into it, it may be what you are looking for. Either way, good luck