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Hello Just seeing if anyone is or has applied to the ACNP program at the U of MD. Does anyone know if interviewing is a part of the process and if so what to expect during the interview?? It would... Read More

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    Quote from Medic2BSN13
    reggaemuffin, what types of experience do students in your class have in this program? How many years of experience? How many students are accepted each year? Do you find the coursework challenging

    I ask because I am also interested in this program as well. I am graduating this Spring with my BSN as a second degree in which I have done well. I am looking to get some quality experience before applying (preferrably in ICU or ER) as it is likely a competitive program. I know the better I can make my resume, the better chance I have of getting accepted when I submit an application. I will be looking at the DNP when I apply which does not excite me, but the curriculum and program itself does.

    Any and all information you pass along is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    We all had experience in different areas- some from ED, CCU, ICU, etc.. There were a lot of students who were in the military too. Our amount of experience varied greatly - I probably had the least amount - I worked as a RN for about 3 years before going back. Some students had up to 20 years experience. I would def try to find a job in an area where you can get some solid critical care experience -although I worked in a CCU I didn't deal things like balloon pumps or PACs before and I did feel a little behind the curve in the beginning. I remember the ED nurses saying the same thing- of course that doesn't mean you won't do well- I just wish I had worked in a unit that was truly critical care before I went back. I had about 16 people in my class so they keep it very small which is nice bc you all kind of bond and really get to know each other. I hear you about the DNP program- I have no interest in going back for my doctorate as of now but maybe that will change. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    Quote from Waldorf RN
    reggaemuffin, Congratulations on completing the program!! I finally got a call for an interview (in a week and a half), and Im very nervous!! They lady did tell me that there will be 2 faculty members and one admissions person there. My question is do they ask clinical questions about me as a current ICU nurse or will they ask NP type questions?? I just want to be as prepared as possible. ANY advise would be helpful! They also said I will have to a ten minute essay.

    Thanks, Waldorf
    I PMed you- if you have any other questions feel free to ask
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    So I just wanted to update this thread... I had my interview yesterday with the ACNP faculty. I have to say, they didn't ask anybody the question I thought they would, I studied all kinds of clinical questions and they didn't ask one!. Like reggeamuffin said they were basic interview questions like what is the difference between an NP and a CNS, what was I most proud of in my career, and what was I most frustrated about career thus far. They also asked questions like if I ever made a mistake at work and what I did about it. I was still nervous through the whole thing but I hope that it didn't show that bad. Well it still feels like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders, now all I can do is wait for a response. I hope this at least helps the next person because I had a hell of a time trying to find info on the interviewing process.
    I will update again when I hear any news, hopefully good news!!!
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    Thanks for the update waldorf. Good luck and hopefully the decision is made quickly for your sake. Keep us posted.

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