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    My wife and I will be sitting for our boards this Friday. We are extremely nervous, we have been to Fitzgerald and Hollier's live conference, purchased APEA online q-bank, and reviewed Fitzgerald 3rd edition. We are nervous about the research and nurse practice law part. Anyone have any advice? Thank you in advance and prayers muchso needed. Thank you. Nathan.

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    I don't have any specific advice. Maybe this site might help if u don't already have it. Good luck and best wishes 2011 Family and Adult Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam Review and Advanced Practice Update - Fitzgerald Health Education Associates, Inc.
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    Wife and I just got out of sitting for boards... WE PASSED!!! We to APEA live review, FHEA live review, APEA online questionnaire, and Leik review book. I would have to say that you can not study to questions, you must understand the concept. Good luck to those who are going to sit for the ANCC boards!
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    Congrats to both of you!!
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    How did you and your wife do on your exam. I am due to take mine in a week.
    I have used Fitz and Barkely and Leik plus a few texts. Will post back after.
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    We passed. Hope you do we'll. sounds like you have prepared well. Good luck. (ANCC orAANP?)
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    Thanks so much!

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