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hi, i just joined i took the psychiatric adult np exam with ancc... didn't pass the first time. i took the barkleys review course and it didn't help at all! i reviewed the course... Read More

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    Hello Sweetshy41, I am getting ready to take my psych NP boards and I like you have difficulty with tests. I am trying to find out if the ANCC practice questions are ones on the exam. Did you get to pass then? My email is
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    I am sorry to hear you took it 4 times. It took me quite a few just to pass the RN NCLEX and now I am also worried about the Psych NP exam. Were you able to find anything that was similar that worked? My email is
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    The ANCC questions you buy online are the best in terms of how the questions are styled. I felt the content on the real exam (that I passed yesterday!! first time) was different - more vague and broad - a lot of clinical stuff (meds, neuro, illness) but also quite a bit of therapy, ethics, legal, scope stuff too. When I hit "end exam" I was sure 75% sure I had failed. I won't say it was hard because I have had much more challenging exams. But not easy either. It's about critical thinking and the BEST option. So, it's not concrete, and I think a lot of us APRNs are type A people, and we like concrete. We like the "right" not "best" answer. But, I suppose medicine is about picking the best option, and one has to be flexible....right? Make sure you read the questions and pay close attention to words like "initial" and "intervention." The beginning of the ANCC manual has some guidance on this, and I believe a box in shaded grey with words to look in the preface or chapter 1.
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    Thanks for this information guys. It's good to have an idea of what to expect and what resources to use when I take the test--hopefully next year

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