ACNPs what did you use to study for boards?

  1. Graduation is in sight and I have to think about studying for my certification. I've found a lot of info here on FNP exam materials, but little on the ACNP exam (ancc). I've already done the Sally Miller book. I thought it was good but very short. I would like to find a book/CD with many more questions.
    Did any of you use the Fitzgerald stuff? I'm sure there has to be some overlap and good systems review. I've heard Barbara Todd and Galinski were both good but when I looked they were very outdated (like 10 years old). I also have the Barkley CDs from within the past couple years and am considering going to a session as well. Did anyone do the Miller acute care review course?
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    I did my exam years ago (2004). Sally Miller was the lecturer for the Fitzgerald Review series of tapes that I had. She has good insight on the actual test content even though I only listened to her tapes and didn't go to a class. Todd's book was good but now outdated as you already noticed. Todd has difficult questions that challenge you to think things out before answering - the actual test didn't even come close to the difficulty level she had on her book of sample questions. Sorry couldn't offer much but I'd just pick one review course and stick with it. Never did the Barkley stuff but the feedback was good on his courses from people I know. I did the ANCC exam if that makes a difference.
  4. by   NPmimzy75
    Looks like Miller is still doing the ACNP stuff for Fitgerald. I may order the CD's or try the online review- as long as I can have some kind of hard copy of the review to refer back to, I guess you can only access it twice. Bad timing financially to attend a live review after taking 2 months off to finish clinicals!