Accelerated Programs?

  1. Basically, I have the time to study full-time, I've got a near photographic memory so I'm always bored with traditionally paced programs, and I'm impatient. I want to get done with school as soon as possible. I love Vanderbilt's program, but it's sooo expensive. Are there any programs like Vanderbilt that aren't so expensive? Acute Care Pediatric NP

    A little more background: I'm currently enrolled in a Family Nurse Practitioner Program through Angelo State University. I applied to UAB's FNP program because it was really short. I didn't get into that program, but they offered me the Dual Route Pediatric Acute and Primary care route (my second choice). Which actually turned out wonderful because I went to Haiti with a team of Pediatric surgeons and absolutely loved it, and I want to get my pediatric acute care licenses and maybe add on a RN first assist.

    But...UAB is revamping their program so they will only let me take one course and not start clinicals until Spring of next year, and I wouldn't graduate until 2016 - yikes. I don't like that.

    So...I need advice. Is there anywhere I can go to get guidance on this?
    Right now I'm considering finishing my FNP at Angelo State (done Summer 2014) and simultaneously starting my ACPNP at Vanderbilt in Fall of 2013 (done Summer 2014) or maybe UTA, and then maybe throw in my RNFA in there somewhere.

    But I feel like there has to be a better way. Anyone know of other accelerated programs like vanderbilt's? It's just 3 semesters. That's awesome. All the other programs I look at are 2 years or more. I just need all the info I can get on this.
    Any guidance would be great!
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  3. by   blieke1
    How is the program at ASU? I have been accepted and trying to choose between TAMUCC or ASU. I don't want to make the wrong decision and was wondering what your experience was like? Clinicals did you find it challenging to arrange?