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I just sent my application to sit in for FNP exam after I graduate in May. I am already nervous. I will start studying from end of March. Any suggestions how to prepare for the exam regardless you passed or failed. I would love... Read More

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    what is the title of the Leik book?

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    I found it online at my school library. I am studying it now for free . Thank goodness
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    I graduate in June and I am pretty nervous myself. I am going to purchase the review package from Fitzgerald and I have already purchased some items (pharm flashcards & derm Dx cards) from APEA. In all honesty, I am overwhelmed just thinking about sitting for the AANP exam. I am submitting my app sometime this week.
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    I haven't started looking for jobs yet either. I think I will start looking for jobs after I give the test. I am making a 8 week schedule to study for the boards starting April 1st ending May 26th....this now translates I need to do intense studying. I will have 4 extra days in May to rest & recuperate for the big day. I have now decided to take boards 1st week of June

    MSPRN, I suggest you use couple different review sources and not just Fitzgerald. Her review book that you can buy on Amazon for $50 is worth it but her CDs I wouldn't recommend. She puts you to sleep. May be buy Hollier one as I have heard she is funny and gets to the point straight. I just bought Leik's book on amazon for $31. It looks concise and to the point as well. I have pharm flashcards (not from APEA) that I bought a yr ago for my pharm class. I better use it again.

    For all you guys, AANP is starting sample practice questions either in test or tutor mode for $50 starting April 2012. It will have 75 questions. Perhaps, it will give an idea how well we are prepared. I will probably take the sample question in May as a mock exam (test mode) and see if I'll need to postpone the test or not .
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    Sounds like a good plan Reeya. I am doing the same thing but I am starting now. I figure if I study 4 hours each day I should be good. I am gonna do 2 hrs of the Leik review book each day until I complete that whole book. Then 1 hour of reviewing my power points and 1 hour of pharm. If I do this each day I should be able to finish All my review books and old power points and pharm book. I am also planning on doing whatever review course they offer at the AANP website. I emailed the guy too and he said April . I hope to take my test the first week of May so when I walk, I will already be board certified . I am really excited and nervous.
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    I just completed WHNP program and now preparing national certification. Do any of you have Barkley cds and books you would like to sale? Looking to take test late Jan. Thanks

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