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  1. Hi everyone! my name is Renee and i am currently in a BSN program in FL and set to graduate 04/2010. I love South Carolina and would love to do my master's at USC and will also apply to Clemson along with other colleges, but my heart is set on USC. So, i just wanted to know anything that you all can tell me about Columbia, the college, SC, anything at all that you can tell me would be helpful!!! I plan on moving there when I graduate in 2010 and staying for a year so i can't get in-state tuition, so I would be looking for a job and getting licensed in SC. Thanks for your help in advance
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  3. by   lynswim
    Columbia is a nice town - but it gets HOT!!
  4. by   cb970308
    You are right about that heat! I went to USC for my first degree and there's no heat like that Columbia heat.
  5. by   RN_in_SC
    Well, I graduated with my BSN in GA and moved to Columbia, SC to start my first nursing job. Yes, it is hot in June, July and August, but the rest of the year the weather is great. USC has a very good reputation. I think they do their nursing clinicals at Palmetto Richland Hospital which is the areas Level I trauma center. I work at a different hospital in the Emergency Department. There is no shortage of nursing jobs at any of the 5 hospitals here! I got really good offers from 4 of them before I graduated.
  6. by   Renee4christ
    Hey, RN in SC, i'm gonna pm you
  7. by   KimmeeinSC
    I moved from VA Beach to Columbia 10 years ago and although it does get warm in the summer months I really enjoy the mild winters.

    There are hospitals all over the place with openings in all areas. The pay is decent and you can pretty much find a job with whatever you are looking for (hours, pay,etc.)

    I live just down the road from USC. I am looking into Masters Programs and USC is on my list. I am currently working at a small facility ER which allows me ample time to study, research, learn skills and precept.

    Good Luck!

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