York Technical College

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    Hello. I just relocated from Southern California and I was in a RN program prior to relocating to Fort Mill, SC. I haven't found anyone that can help me with ADN schools around my area. I am looking into YTC, my only choice so far, and would like some insights about the school. I would like to stay public, ADN and close by.

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    I've looked into York Technical College's bridge to the ASN from LPN. I have the transition course under my belt already. I have heard good things about their program and have yet to actually go up to the school and check things out.
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    Same here. I haven't been to the school or met any grad from YTC. I am new to the Carolinas. I am wondering what is the pay like over here. In CA, new grads make about 55K+. They also said there's a high demand for nurses in CA, but hard to get jobs there. Is it the same here?

    Also, just got an email from YTC's nursing, said there is a 2-3y waitlist if I am going to be a new student. The school I was at went by GPA and test scores...and now most ADN schools in CA are on a 3-4yr waitlist.

    Serendipity- how long have you been a lvn? When do you plan on transferring to YTC?

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