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    I am a current CNA in California and expect to get into the LVN program in May. After I am finished approx 1 1/2 yrs from now, my husband and I are looking to relocate to SC. We are currently looking at Charleston and Greenville. We have four children and was hoping somebody could give me some info on SC. Which of these areas, or another area is best for nursing, children and living? We love the outdoors and the beach but do not have to be by the beach. Also, after we move I will need to return to achool for an RN program. Any suggeations? Just curious, does Charleston get hurricanes?
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  3. by   cagumbo
    Yes, Charleston gets hurricanes. Most notably Hurricane Hugo 20 years ago.

    Can't help you with your question of which is better for a family, Charleston vs. Greenville. But I can tell you, as some one that just moved from SF, CA, that SC is a great place to live.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   knittingknurse
    I lived in Greenville until I graduated from college and have lived in Charleston for 2 years. Growing small city Greenville is great for hiking, day trips to the mountains, a vibrant downtown, and several festivals. There is a new children's museum, and the public schools are quite good.

    Charleston is fabulous and has something to offer everyone from partiers to the artsy types. I love the historical sites and many activities. However, it is an expensive place to live. I have heard the public schools are less than desirable, but there are private schools of every kind.