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    Does anyone have any information on MUSC Children's' Hospital and their cardiology department? I am interested in the Peds Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Any information on the hospital, unit, or living area would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   islandchick779
    I did one of my final clinicals at MUSC this fall, actually in the Peds Cardiology unit. I absolutely LOVED it! The staff is wonderful and they really know their stuff.

    MUSC is a teaching hospital, which makes for great nurse-doctor communication and interaction. The doctors will actually listen to what you have to say about your patients. The hospital is located in downtown Charleston, and parking is a pain, which is a drawback.

    As far as living situation, if you don't have kids I'd look into James Island, Mount Pleasant, or even downtown. If you have kids, I'd recommend looking for housing in Dorchester 2 school district, as they have the best schools. We live in North Charleston just at the edge of the school district, and my commute downtown is about 20-30 minutes if I have to be there at 7am.

    I work just across the street at Roper in L&D right now, but I graduate next week, so I'll be transitioning into my RN job soon enough. I was lucky and snagged a job at Roper on ortho working weekend nights. Big change from L&D, but as a new grad I'm just happy to get a job. The job market for new grads in Charleston is pretty bleak right now.

    Hope that helps a bit