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Does anyone know if this is a good program? I'm thinking about applying for it for Fall '08, but I don't know anyone who has gone to the school. I would love to know anything from quality of faculty to design of the program to... Read More

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    I've been accepted into the Fall 2012 class as well, so excited to start. I talked to **** last Monday, March 12 via email and then phone (could not believe it!). She said letters were going out on Monday the 12 and I received my letter on Wednesday 14. Your letter should get to you soon. Hope the best.

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    Hi everyone!
    I also got a conditional acceptance into MUSC nursing program for fall 2012! Im super excited and can't wait to begin!
    Does anyone have any inside information on what all we will be required to purchase thats not on the tuition and fees sheet??
    Thanks, and Good Luck Everyone,
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    I'm a 1st semester in the program now and I used this board alot up until school started! Let me know if anyone has any questions! Congratulations!
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    How do you like the program so far? What's the biggest challenge in the program so far, in your opinion? Is it the time management factor, or is the subject matter inherently difficult? Have you guys started your clinicals yet?
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    At first it is going to be overwhelming because you start clinical right away but some how some way you will fall into a flow of how things work. My advice would to be ENJOY your summer relax dont stress about studying or trying to get ahead. When I started I thought I wouldn't have a life or be able to work or do anything but study. However we all hang out, and have free time. Clinical is what you make out of it you will have good days and one or two bad days you just have to push through it. Clinical paperwork is time consuming however it is important so make sure you take the time to complete that each week. But my advice is relax this summer, have the time of your life and get ready to hit the books in August. By the time you guys start 1st semester we will be in our 3rd so we will be around to help and give advice!!!
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    Thanks for all the info EmtDD! Anything else you can offer up would be great. Do you like the professors? How are the tests? - is it really hard to make high grades? How much out of class studying do you actually have to do each week?
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    Congratulations y'all! I think I will be right behind you in applying to this program. I'm still taking pre-req's and I'm thinking of applying in the Fall of 2012. Does in anyone feel comfortable sharing their stats that got them accepted? Anyone coming from TTC? GPA? Thanks, and very best wishes!
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    hello again!
    Just got the e-mail about all the immunizations and things that we needed before we can register for classes! I haven't lived here for very long therefore still not familiar with a lot of places, does anyone have any advice on where a good clinic is to get these immunizations? Anyone who has been through this already I would love any advice on how to make preparing for the fall semester a little easier! Also has anyone completed a CPR certification class?

    thanks for any and all help,
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    Hey misty! If you read the info carefully, it states that MUSC has a partnership with a clinic that offers the titers at a significantly reduced rate. I believe it says you can get the first 5 shots for only $80 or all 6 for only $100. I'm pretty sure they list the name of that clinic but if not just call student health and ask. I've also been checking into taking a CPR course. We can take it through American Red Cross (go on their website and type in the zip to find courses being offered throughout the city this summer) or the American Heart Association (i called their 1-800 number and a person gave me a list of all the places offering their CPR course). The American Red Cross class is $110. Not sure yet how much the American Heart Association class is. Hope this helps.

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