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Does anyone know if this is a good program? I'm thinking about applying for it for Fall '08, but I don't know anyone who has gone to the school. I would love to know anything from quality of faculty to design of the program to... Read More

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    Hey guys,

    New to this site...I also got accepted for Spring 2012! I have been accepted to other programs as well and am trying to weigh the pros/cons. Anyone who has been through the program have any cons about it?? Any feedback would be appreciated!!
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    Josh that sounds great. I am looking for an apartment hopefull in finding one be December
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    Hi all,
    I'm in out of state student applying for the ACC BSN for Fall 2012. I will have my bachelors in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine where I have clinically recieved 1500 hours in a health care setting. My cum gpa is a 3.4 and pre req gpa is a 3.6. This is my first choice in schools. I don't want to go anywhere else. After seeing all the post I don't feel like I have a chance! Any help??
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    I dont know why you do not feel like you have a chance Furr13, by the sounds of it you seem like a pretty good candidate to me!! The essay is only 100 words, so dont add too much fluff (if that's possible in 100 words). Good Luck!!
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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm new to this site, and just found out last week I've also been accepted into the Spring 2012 BSN program!!!
    I live in North Charleston with my husband and my Rottweiler.
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    Have any of the alternates heard anything? Did everyone (accepted, alternates, and those not accepted) receive an email yesterday (from MUSC) concerning financial aid?
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    I sent in my decline of offer this wishing one of the alternates luck!!! P.S. aadrian, I also received multiple e-mails regarding financial aid from MUSC.
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    Thank you SW2Nursing! I wish you well - hope that you enjoy the program that you've accepted and that it is all that you want it to be!
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    Thank you!!! Good luck to you as well :spin:
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    Elko have you heard anything with regard to alternate status? - I'm an alternate also and the not knowing is killing me

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